Friday, May 1

Bethie's Logic

We were having dinner and Bethie dropped a bit of pasta on the floor that I had scrubbed earlier in the day. I asked her to pick it up. Instead of doing it right away, which is not her custom anyway, she told me that I should go and buy a "little dog". I informed her that I need a little dog like I need a little hole in my head, and restated that she should pick up the pasta. Bethie told me that if we had a dog than the dog could eat the pasta. This would ensure that she wouldn't have to pick up any dropped food, and I wouldn't demand so much of my children anymore. I said that I would rather vacuum than have a dog. She replied, "But sometimes a dog is like a vacuum". This is true. But vacuums can be put in the closet and left there, similar to Bethie if she doesn't pick up the damned pasta (I didn't say that but I thought it!).

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