Friday, May 1

Happy Birthday To My Littlest One

Today, Sarah turns 1. My littlest baby (or as Dan would say, my last baby...we'll see, Dan!) is now a toddler who walks and dances and squeals with delight. She demands to participate in all the activities that the twins do, and refuses to take "no" for an answer. She bangs about and gets into everything. If I say "Sarah, no!", she laughs and continues to commit her offence at a faster rate. She is her own person.

We are done with the bottles every 4 hours. We are done with waking up in the middle of every single night. We are done having to entertain a tiny wee "lump". We are done with being tethered to the house. We survived. High five, Dan!

Happy Birthday, my Sarahburra!

Now, bring on the toddler years.


Melissa said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sarah!

Gwen said...

Thanks Melissa!