Tuesday, May 19

Bikes and Buddies

This was a very exciting long weekend for the girls. Big Sarah presented the twins with the ultimate gift: big girl bicycles with training wheels! The only thing was that these bicycles were not already assembled. I begged Dan to wait until later in the day when my father was coming over and he could assemble the bicycles for us. "Nonsense!" said my not-so-handy husband, he would do it himself.

Big Sarah and I took the kids to the grocery store. I stressed and worried and envisioned awful things happening to my babies when they mounted their bikes. Dan, historically, does not do well with putting things together, or taking things apart, or fixing things. Bearing that in mind, you can imagine my surprise when we arrived home and both bicycles were (properly) fully assembled. Bethie, however, was even more surprised than I was. She squealed with delight "Daddy, how did you put the bicycles together without any help?!" I laughed until I thought I would die!

The twins did well on their bicycles. We spent all weekend walking in loops around my neighbourhood. Once, we ventured onto the bicycle path but it was way too busy for us to continue.
Katie - learning how to make the bike go fast

And they're off!

Sarah, not to be outdone, is in the wagon watching the girls carry on.

Babies on bicycles!

For a special treat, I made "Strawberry Shortcake" (rather, my quickie version of it). The kids enjoyed licking the bowl.

Even Sarah.

We invited Trystan and Grayson over to play. Grayson is the boy wearing Baby Sarah's jeans and jacket. Sorry Mauricio, you gotta come prepared or I will take over!

After us ladies pushed for at least five minutes, we made the men take over. This is Dan doing laps around the yard with Trystan.

Mauricio was left to push the remaining children on the swings (he didn't realise that I was taking his picture too).

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