Wednesday, May 20

There's Only One Boss In Our House

I wanted Big Sarah to go to church with me and the twins. I knew that if I asked her myself, she would instead tell me where I could go (and it wouldn't have been church!). I decided to use Bethie. Bethie loves church. She loves the songs, she loves dancing in the aisle, and she loves the attention. She definitely would be keen for Big Sarah to join us.

As instructed, Bethie approached Big Sarah and sweetly asked "Will you come to church with me?". Gotcha! How could Sarah say "no" to such an earnest little girl? In fact, Big Sarah did not say "no". Instead, she said "I have to ask my boss."

Bethie said nothing. She walked into the other room, found "The Boss" and said "Katie, can Big Sarah come to church with us?".

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