Thursday, May 14

Summer's Comin'

Tuesday was great. The kids were in daycare and I had nothing to do but entertain myself. Needless to say, Big Sarah and I were off on an "adventure"! After Sarah's mandatory stop for coffee at Tim Horton's, we went from nursery to nursery to nursery. Everywhere we went, we bought more plants. We learned two very important things:
  1. Sarah doesn't like spiders and is rather surprised to see them on plants.
  2. I need to pay more attention when I buy plants. Specifically, I should look for the word "giant" - even when it's associated with a (presently) tiny wee plant.

We came back home and planted our wide variety of little treasures. When Dan saw how packed my gardens had become, he inquired if I was done buying plants for the summer. Sarah and I laughed and informed my poor husband that we haven't even started to buy annuals!

Sarah and I were delighted with the results and can't wait to watch everything grow. As we "toured the estate", we both commented how much it felt like summer. The kind of summers you have when you are young. The kind of summers that last forever and you have not a damn thing to do except enjoy yourself. What a good feeling!

Of course, I took some pictures. Here are my babies enjoying the afternoon:

Katie The Ham (left) & Bethie

Katie & Bethie

The Sarahs

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