Wednesday, April 29

The Amazing Sarah

I think Sarah is pretty amazing. Everything she does impresses me. Maybe it shouldn't. Maybe she is just typical of her age. I don't know. But I think she's pretty amazing.

This morning, Bethie was going to the washroom, Katie was sitting on the floor next to the toilet "folding" laundry, and I was sitting on a stool telling the twins to hurry up. Sarah peeks her head into the washroom and spots all the action. She races in, slowing down only to grab Bethie's two bears. Then, much to my surprise, she gives the bears to Bethie! I was super de-duper impressed! Not only can she tell the twins apart, but she knew that those bears were special to Bethie.

Later in the morning, Sarah and I were in the kitchen and the twins were sitting on the floor with their noses 6 inches from the television watching "Super Why" (great show). Sarah crawled into the living room. She saw Katie's headband on the floor, picked it up, crawled past Bethie, and gave it to Katie. Amazing!

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