Saturday, April 25

Our Day

Today was the first day that actually felt like summer. The five of us had a great day. Our objective was to wear the children out. Didn't work (Bethie never tires), but we had fun nonetheless.

My baby at the park.

Katie (left) and Bethie on the swings. Dan will push these kids forever. Very patient man.

Yup, that's BETHIE climbing the monkey bars! That's as high as she got. Monkeys they are not.

Katie - stopping for a quick dance on the way to the beach.

Bethie - dancing her heart out (Bethie started dancing first)

Bethie the Brave (she was on a roll today) dipping her toes in the water. By the time we had left, she was running up and down the beach and in and out of the water.

I thought Sarah might want to get her toes wet. She didn't. That water is pretty darn cold!

We stopped for another ride on the swings and a quick slide (Katie pictured) before we went home.

Our first picnic of the season! Katie is on the left. This is the new picnic table that Mum got for Sarah's birthday. Funny, it's not Sarah's birthday yet (Friday) and she didn't get to use it (she's in her highchair). What a lucky birthday girl!

Last week, I made Dan move a plant that was in the front garden. We never filled the hole as I am going to buy a new plant for that location. Since then, Bethie has been obsessed with filling the hole with water. Please, note the colour of the socks.

Katie (pictured) and Bethie decided to add all the yard rubbish they could find to the water hole. They told me that they were cooking dinner for the bad guys, and cackled at how disgusting it was.

My princesses. Katie (front and center, of course) and Bethie are covered in dirt. You can't really tell how filthy they are from the picture. Check out Bethie's socks now.

Bethie's socks. I know, thrilling picture. But I thought little girls were cleaner than this!

My baby taking a break from trying to walk. Today, she took 4 steps all by herself. She just stood up and walked!

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