Friday, April 10

Easter Fun

Dan has a family tradition of decorating hard-boiled eggs and then the "Easter bunny" hides those eggs. He and his brother took great delight hunting these eggs Easter morning. Really! I can only speak for myself (and my brothers, most likely) but I'm sure if my parents hid hard-boiled eggs that I had decorated, those eggs would still be there. My brothers and I did search frantically for the chocolate Easter eggs that were hidden.

Dan wants to continue the tradition of hiding self-decorated Easter eggs. I prefer to hide chocolate eggs. We have decided to do both (actually, Dan decided to hide just hard-boiled eggs and I pointed out that he had made a mistake). The deal is that when the time comes that the children have no motivation to find hard-boiled eggs (and the time will come), I am not going to be the one hunting down the rejected eggs!

However, the twins are only three years old and took great delight in decorating the Easter eggs today. Here are some photos.

Bethie - dying an egg

"Big Sarah" and Bethie - putting stickers on the eggs

Dan and Katie - both insisting that this particular egg is their own to decorate (I had to keep reminding Dan that this was for the children!)

A group shot - Sarah, Dan, Katie, Bethie

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Lara said...

That looks like a lot of fun, although I agree that some chocolate will help with the incentive to look ;) We're doing our first hunt tomorrow - of just the chocolate variety ;)