Sunday, April 12

Learning Disabilities

Since the day that the twins were born, I have been obsessed with the thought that something was wrong with them. I have asked their doctor if they had autism because they seemed a little bit like ...blobs. I asked if their wonky toes would prevent them from ever being able to walk. I repeatedly expressed my concerned over their wonky eyes (turns out I was right about that one!).

From time to time, I create new fears. Dan, being the loyal partner that he is, becomes my greatest ally in the quest to seek out evidence to prove my theories. The latest "scare" came after I read an article in Today's Parent about learning disabilities. After reading two paragraphs on gross- and fine-motor problems, I had diagnosed my children as having a learning disability. There was one sentence that I fixated on "They don't draw; they scribble." My children scribble! Dan and I studied their art work in despair. We just knew that our sometimes angelic angels were going to have hard lives due to this impairment.

Then it happened. One day, Bethie drew a picture of Granny. At the same time, Katie drew a picture of our family.

Bethie's picture, "Granny"

Katie's picture, "Our Family"

Although the likeness isn't "dead on", we are pleased by the artistic genus of our children.


Lisa said...

I love these pictures...I too stressed over the lack of anything recognizable on Trystans paper...yet alas it came one day...much like Katies family I have one he drew at school of a knight in shining armor...because that is what he wants to be when he grows up to save all the should see it...totally a knight...pretty soon you'll have a bunch of pictures of princesses done by Katie and Bethie

Gwen said...

Trystan and Katie are soooo meant for each other! She would love for Trystan to be her knight in shining armour and rescue her from the unspeakable horrors inflicted by us ie. dinner.