Friday, April 24

Crappy Counting

We have started teaching the twins basic math skills, specifically addition and subtraction. I will grab the fruit bowl and say "If Katie has 2 apples and Bethie gives her another one, how many apples would Katie have? How many would Bethie have?". We come up with all sorts of things they can add and subtract throughout the day. They are starting to be able to do this basic math "in their heads" (without props to count). We are pleased and proud.

Last night, Bethie needed to use the washroom. Katie and I sat on the floor and waited for her to complete her business. Bethie, realising she had an audience, started to perform. She started singing songs. This was followed by her counting in English and then in French. Katie and I applauded her and told her how clever she was. Wanting to continue the comand performance, Bethie started with her subtraction.

Bethie: If I have 2 poops in my bottom then I poop, how many do I have left?
Katie: ONE POOP!!!
Bethie: (hangs on to the toilet seat, tenses up, grunts, does a poop) Nope, there are zero poops left!

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