Wednesday, April 8


The other night at dinner, Katie asked if she could have some chocolate milk. I informed her that she could...after dinner. This did not go over well. This is the conversation:

Katie: I want some chocolate milk now!
Me: After dinner.
Katie: Who is going to get me some chocolate milk?
Me: I will...after dinner.
Katie: Somebody go and get me chocolate milk.

Dan and I ignore her and continue our conversation. She runs from my chair to Dan's, and back again in desperation.

Katie: No one is getting off their chair! Somebody get off your chair and get me some chocolate milk.

Much to her confusion, neither of us moved. In fact, we didn't respond to her at all.

Katie: I don't see somebody standing up to GO GET ME CHOCOLATE MILK!

"Somebody" stood up at this point. Me. But it wasn't to get chocolate milk. It was to plunk our bossy little dictator in her chair!

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