Friday, April 24

For Sale : Twins

Twin girls ages 3. 98cm and 34lbs. Light brown hair and blue eyes. Perfect working condition, except for wonky eyes (glasses will be provided). Between 7am-5pm, the twins are happy, charming, sweet, considerate, affectionate, and delightful. Between 5pm-10pm, they morph into stubborn, bossy, wilful, tyrannical dictators. Expect food lovingly prepared that remains unconsumed, routines that must be followed precisely (or fits will ensue), and never-ending "good nights".

Blue Bear, Pink Bear, Big Bird, Brown Bear, and a week's supply of fluffs will be provided. No returns or refunds will be accepted for the first 15 years. Not sold individually.


me said...

SOLD!!!!! I'll take them both at any price.

Gwen said...

They're yours for free! But you should really do a "test run". When you come over Friday night, you can bathe the twins and put them to bed. If you still want them, you can take them home with you on Saturday.