Thursday, April 2

Just Like Dad

Dan experienced a "traumatic event" as a child. When he was a small boy, he went to the washroom all by himself. After a moment, his parents heard him calling for help. They rushed into the washroom to discover two little arms and two little legs sticking out of the toilet. The rest of him had fallen into the toilet! I have heard this story many, many times. I've always regretted that his parents did not take a picture.

Last night, Bethie was in a panic to use the washroom before Katie. Not because of any reason other than she didn't want Katie to be first - like always. She raced into the bathroom, climbed up on the stool, and sat on the toilet. In her haste, she forgot to ensure the potty seat was on. It wasn't. She, like Dan thirty some odd years earlier, fell into the toilet. Dan and I couldn't help ourselves. We laughed! However, instead of getting the camera, Dan extracted our 3 year old out of the toilet. Too bad!


Lara said...

No picture?! Aren't these the moments we live for as parents? ;)

Gwen said...

At some point, compassion takes over!