Monday, April 27

Goin' Green

As of April 22, Loblaws started charging for their plastic bags. At first, I was annoyed. I spend hundreds of dollars a week on groceries and the least they could do is throw in the bags for free. Nope, 5 cents for every bag. I "re-use" these plastic bags. We line all of our garbages with these plastic bags. We change our garbages OFTEN! I have a baby that poops all morning long. The twins are still in Pull-Ups at night. Now, I have to pay for my once free garbage bags?! I must confess, I was very bitter.

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I couldn't help but noticing that the majority of customers had fancy little eco-friendly shopping bags, including my own mother! Pas moi. The cashier asked me if I would like my groceries in bags. "Yes, ma'am" I said, "they make it so much easier considering the incredible volume of food that I will have to haul to the car, and then into my house". I could almost hear the collective gasp of everyone in the store. Then she produced these bags that are absolutely wonderful! They are bigger than the previous plastic bags, and sturdier too! I was thrilled. I told the cashier to not pack my bags so much (she was very stingy with the bags) because I wanted lots of these super bags. To my great disappointment, I only got 14 bags. I will definitely have to try harder next time.

Also, on the Loblaws website, you can print a coupon that allows you to have a free grocery bin if you spend $60 or more this week.I got a free bin! I have already put it to good use. It is acting as a toy box in our kitchen. I'm absolutely loving Earth Week!

Speaking of Earth Week and environmental concerns, does anyone know of a chemical that I can spray into my garden to stop the growth of weeds? Yes, there is several different things that I can do to reduce weeds, but I prefer the Chem Lawn approach.

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