Friday, January 8


Mum and I had taken the twins out one afternoon. We had just made it onto the highway when Katie shouted, "I have to do a poop!". Mum looked back at Katie, and saw the look of panic on Katie's face. We realised that we had to hurry. However, we were on the highway. I explained that Katie was going to have to "hold it" for a couple of minutes until we found a bathroom.

Bethie found this situation unacceptable. She said, "Katie needs to do a poop right now! She can't poop in her pants! You have to get her to a toilet!". I explained that my full, and undivided, attention was now on finding a washroom. Bethie replied, "Katie, tell me when you want me to get mad. I will yell at Mummy for you!". I told Bethie to calm down, and I would find a store that had a washroom.

We decided on Leons. We parked the car, I grabbed Katie, and we raced into the washroom. Then Katie had to do a thorough inspection of each toilet in order to determine which toilet would be good enough for her. Once she had selected a toilet, she got down to business. But nothing happened. Katie thought it would be a good idea if I sang "Deck The Halls". It would encourage the poop to come out. So I stood in the public washroom at Leons singing "Deck The Halls" to a child who was doing more dancing on the toilet than pooping. At the end of the song, Katie announced that it hadn't worked. I was to sing "Deck The Halls" again, but  louder. And I did. While I was singing, I thought, "My mother would never have done this!". After I belted out a couple of songs, Katie announced that this must have been a false alarm.

We went off to search for Bethie, who was wandering the store with Mum. Mum and I ushered the children out of the store. But before we were able to leave, Katie had to show Bethie the toilet where so much inactivity had occurred. Bethie did her own thorough inspection of the bathroom and agreed that Katie had found the perfect toilet not to poop in.

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