Friday, January 29

Sicko The Sequel

Last Friday night, Bethie started throwing up. Dan and I knew that we were beginning another week of Hell. But we muddled through. It helped that at no point Bethie needed to go to the hospital. She showed signs of improvement early this week.

Yesterday, I decided to put all three children back into daycare. However, at breakfast, Bethie's health took a dramatic nose dive. She regressed to lying lifeless on the floor. I knew that I had to keep her home. How could I possibly send my deathly ill, first born child to daycare in this condition? I shipped off Katie and Sarah, and devoted myself to the care of my wee Bethie. Then she told me that she was "pretending" to be sick in order to have a "Bethie and Mummy" day!

Super! I haven't had a true day off in over 2 weeks! I have neglected work in order to take care of my little girls! Thursday was supposed to be my "catch-up" day! Instead, I got to watch "The Wizard of Oz" while looking at my filthy house thinking about all my work been neglected once again.

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