Wednesday, January 20


We have been through Hell. Katie got sick last week. She had the stomach flu. She threw up every couple of minutes... for days! She couldn't keep down any food or liquid. After four days of this, she stopped talking. She would simply lie down (often next to the toilet) and wait for the next wave to come. Friday afternoon, I took her to CHEO. They told me to "keep her hydrated", and sent us home.

Saturday at 1:30pm, we were back again. By this point, Katie still didn't have enough energy to talk. She also had stopped walking, and was barely able to hold her body upright. She was treated rather quickly, and eventually got an IV. This was a traumatic experience.

By 10:30am Sunday, Katie was fed up. She said to me, "I have had sufficient of being at the hospital". That politeness didn't last long. I told her that we couldn't leave until we saw the doctor one last time. She told me to stand in the door way and look for the doctor. I did what I was told. After staring for a couple of minutes at an empty corridor, I glanced back at Katie to see if she was okay. She shouted, "Don't look at me! Look for the doctor!". I guessed that she was on the mend!

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