Monday, July 27

Let's Make A Deal

When I was a kid, I loved the game show "Let's Make A Deal". All I can remember about it now was that the host would ask the audience members for a random item, and whomever found that item in their purse first would be the next contestant. I would definitely have been a contestant!

I recently cleaned out my purse. In it I found: a diaper, wipes, 4 suckers, a Halloween box of Chicklets, wet cloths to clean glasses, a paper clip, a pen that works and one that doesn't, lip balm, a tiara, a bar of soap (unused), a can of iced tea, 4 letters dated February 19 for someone else that each contained a $50 gift card (the gift cards had been used....use it or lose it!), numerous library receipts dating back months, an envelope full of expired coupons, an appointment reminder for the doctor that retired last November, and a children's DVD.

You should see what is in my car!

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