Saturday, July 11

Toronto Bound

Dan, the twins, Big Sarah, and I went to Toronto this week (we left the baby with Mum). It was certainly an "adventure". The ride up to Toronto was fine. Big Sarah and I had done oodles of prep to ensure everything would be enjoyable for the twins. The hotel was a hit with the kidlings. The grown-ups thought it was dodgy. We did like having a "suite" with a living room/ kitchen attached. The zoo was good (I'll do a zoo blog another day). The drive home was a nightmare. The memory is still too raw (we arrived home only last night). I'm not sure I will ever be able to blog about that!

Anyway, here is the first day of our adventure.

Picnic in the park. Katie, Dan, Bethie, Big Sarah.

Blowing off steam on the play structure. Lots of fun!

The hotel had a pool so I bought the girls "floaties". I thought it would give them some confidence. It helped Bethie a great deal. Katie preferred to be held constantly. Bethie asked Katie if she had "sinkies" instead of "floaties". In the picture, the twins are posing as ballerinas. I don't know why, it's just something they do.

Big Sarah and Bethie

Katie allowing Dan to do all the work.


Melissa said...

You came to Toronto and didn't tell me.. I am so sad!

Gwen said...

We had a packed schedule!