Thursday, July 23

The Toronto Zoo: In Pictures

At last! Here are some highlights from our trip to the zoo! The twins were very impressed with everything...except the animals.
Bethie (left) and Katie right looking at the zebras (more commonly known as "Marty" from the movie "Madagascar")

Katie touching a snake

Bethie touching a snake

Katie thrilled to find a seahorse!

We couldn't drag Bethie away from the seahorse, even to look at real ones!

The girls with their father.

Bethie loved riding the cement elephant!

Katie, enjoying herself too!

The twins really liked this "rug" (it was a leopard at the zoo that was stuffed when it died. Weird, eh?)

Another big hit, the bear paw prints! The girls are roaring like bears.

A wooden bear statue really impressed the twins.

Lunch time! Margie, Bethie, Dan, Big Sarah, and Katie

Dan and Katie on the Zoo mobile. This was the highlight of the visit!
Bethie gave up walking after about 10am. Although we insisted that she walk, every once in a while, one of us would break down.
Bethie (front) and Katie showing affection to the lizard.

Bethie flying.

Both Bethie and Katie got an ice cream cone. Thrilled beyond belief!

Bethie, done for the day!


Anonymous said...

just so everyone knows gwen attended the toronto zoo trip as well even if she is not featured in any photos.

Gwen said...

Someone had to take the pictures!