Tuesday, July 28

The Modern Day Snow White

My girls have decided that they are princesses. Disney Princesses (those of you who know me well understand how much this annoys me!). Bethie has decided that she is "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast" (which we now have to refer to as "Belle and the Beast"). Katie fancies herself as "Jasmine" from "Aladdin". We sometimes have to refer to them as "Belle" and "Jasmine". A store clerk asked them what their names were, and Bethie replied "My name is Belle, and my sister's name is Jasmine". They have christened Sarah as "Cinderella", and I became "Snow White".

I no longer care. They want to be Disney princesses, that's fine. They want Sarah to be "Cinderella", whatever. The poor child has so many nicknames that I'm not sure that she knows her name actually is Sarah. To tell you the truth, I care so little about being referred to as "Snow White" that I forget that's whom I am supposed to be. Whatever makes my little darlings happy, makes me happy too!

I really wanted a garden gnome. I know, tacky, tacky, tacky! But I wanted one. So I went out and got one. I was pleased as could be when I plunked Norm, that's his name, in the garden. I found the children and showed Norm off to them. Ta da...!

Katie said, "Snow White, you have a dwarf!". Right. I am Snow White and I have a dwarf named Norm. Bethie starting looking for the other six dwarfs. I explained that I only had one dwarf because that was all I needed. I was promptly informed that I was wrong, and was instructed to produce six more.

By now, you should all know me (and my mother)....

When we came across the 7th dwarf, we couldn't decide between the two choices... so we took both!

Transformation complete! I was now Snow White with all my dwarfs (I had to tell the girls that I was fancier than the real Snow White and that's why I get 8 dwarfs. They bought it.). I was pleased and delighted that my girls would finally be happy with all these dwarfs... until Bethie said "But I wanted real dwarfs!".
So, I have my eyes peeled for 7 real dwarfs who will be kind enough to stand in my garden for the sole purpose of entertaining and amusing my children. A warning to any dwarfs who may be interested in applying for this position: Sarah likes to pick up dwarfs by their ears and bounce them around the yard. Little care is provided to prevent injury to either plants or dwarfs.

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