Friday, July 2

The Attack of The Waterpillar

Mum has accused my girls of being a tad...well..."wimpy". I get really angry. They are not "wimpy", they are "delicate". They are the dainty little girls that my grandmother always wanted. My girls love to wear dresses, to dance about in their princess high heel shoes, and to be admired for their beauty.

Every once in a while, I forget how delicate my girls are. Today was one of those days. Mum and I were at the toy store and I spotted a Waterpillar.

I would have loved this as a child. The Waterpillar's arms wave about sending water in every direction. My brothers and I would have had tons of fun with this! Mum, knowing how much I wanted my children to have the thrill of playing with the Waterpillar, bought it for me...and the children.

Katie, who is the bravest, gave it a try.

The water was a touch chilly. She warned the others, and they took cover.

I must confess, I was annoyed. It was a hot day, and most  children would have enjoyed running about with a bit of cool water splashing them. Not my children.

I told the twins to stop being so wimpy. I said, "Only the bravest of all the princesses are able to run around the Waterpillar three times." Since they fancy themselves brave princesses (goodness knows why!), off they went.

Sarah just stood and watched the "Brave Princesses". She wasn't so easily fooled.

The twins wanted to enjoy the Waterpillar, but didn't want to get wet. They created shields.

Katie used home plate (not a bad idea, Kiddo) and Bethie used a bat (sigh). After a couple of laps, I gave up. I will try the Waterpillar another day, when I have other children in my backyard to show my girls just how much fun it can be!

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