Friday, July 30

Pass The Ritalin, Please

Everyday Dan comes home from work and says, "What did you do today?". He's not interested in my day as much as he is interested in why the house still looks like a disaster. I always start with, "Well, I wanted to...". But none of the things I wanted to do ever get done. I am always baffled. Until this morning.

This morning, I took the kids to daycare at 8:30am. Emilie asked to borrow my Bouncy Thing. So, I went back home and retrieved it for her. While I was in the shed, I saw the lawn mover and thought, "When I get back, I am going to mow the lawn".

Five minutes later, I was back. I realised that my electrical cord (for my lawn mower) was in the trunk of my car. On my way to get it, I passed by a flower basket and decided to move it to a window well. I put it down in it's new location and noticed my ivy. My goodness, it was huge! I had taken a picture of it two weeks ago, and decided that I wanted to look at that picture to see how much it has grown.

I went inside and made a cup of coffee. While the kettle was on, I decided to turn off the A/C and open all the windows. I was upstairs grabbing laundry when I heard the kettle whistling. I had already forgotten about the coffee! I ran downstairs, made the coffee, and thought "Now what?".

I thought I shall take a break while I drink my coffee. I checked my email. Nothing. I still had time to kill so I checked out a new website that I love. The creator sends a postcard to Linsey Lohan everyday that she is in jail. It cracks me up. Then I thought, "Who is this guy?". I googled him. He also has another site that lists the 99 things you should see on the Internet if you don't want him to classify you as a loser. I had seen 2 before. I checked out a couple, and laughed and laughed. I had to call Mum!

I'm on the phone with Mum, who was only mildly amused, and I start walking the gardens looking for Japanese Beetles. We talk for a bit, and then she asks, "Where are you?". I told her I was in the shed. I said, "I gotta go. I'm going to clean the shed now.". We hang up. I come back inside to get my shoes. While inside, I make another cup of coffee. I thought to myself, "I shall have a little break while I enjoy my coffee.". I sat down at the computer and realised that this has happened to me before. 20 minutes ago. This is why nothing ever gets done. I have ADHD. I better google ADHD and see what non-medicinal remedies are available!!!

P.S. I can see Dan now, reading the blog and going beserk! He'll probably decide it will be "helpful" if he made me a list of things to do during the day. You know, to keep me focused. Word to the wise, Dan, if you do suggest that, it won't end well for you!

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