Tuesday, July 13

Nice Things

We don't own anything nice. We used to. Then we had children. I understood that there would be some "wear and tear" on our belongings because we had children. I didn't understand the extent of the devastation. Now that we are in "the know", we don't even bother buying nice things anymore. This became painfully obvious when Dan and I decided to buy new chairs for our kitchen table. When the salesman asked us what style we prefer, I said, "The kind that I can take outside and hose down.".

Somethings still confuse me. I don't understand how the children managed to permanently reef the door off the pantry - from the top! I don't understand how there can be drip marks going up the carpet on my stairs when we have the rule that all drinks must remain in the kitchen. And I am completed baffled by the lack of toilet paper holders and towel bars in our house.

We used to have toilet paper holders for both of our bathrooms. One was secured into the drywall, and another was secured into marble. Both have been removed by the children.

We have had numerous towel bars in our bathrooms. Especially the bathroom upstairs. We had enough towel bars to hold towels for the five of us, a hand towel, and a decorative towel over the roman bath. One remains. The decorative one. Every other towel bar has been ripped out of the wall, brackets and all. Even the one that "can't be reached" by the children!

I thought, "How could this be? Perhaps Tullio didn't do a good enough job installing these towel bars. Perhaps Dan is way too rough when hanging up towels. Perhaps we have crappy drywall that can't support anything". I had no idea what the problems was.


...I spotted my "baby" climbing the last remaining towel bar in the house!

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Tullio said...

I did a fine job securing the towel bars into the studs, thank you!