Wednesday, July 7

The Good One

People seem to think that twins are extreme opposites. Dan and I are asked, "Who is the loud one? Who is the quiet one?", "Which one is shy and which one is outgoing?". These questions annoy me. The question that really irritates me is, "Which one is the good one?". I always say, "Sarah".

Sarah has stopped being the good one. I don't know if it's because she's two years old or if it's because she's sick. One thing is clear though, she is not "the good one". She is defiant, difficult, and bad-tempered. Some babies sing themselves to sleep, and some chat pleasantly until they drift off to Dreamland. At 10 o'clock (!) last night when Sarah was lying in her crib still awake (!), she was shouting "No! No! No!" to no one in particular.

Bethie, however, is going through an "I Aim To Please" phase. This is greatly appreciated. It is nice to finally have one child who looks at the Big Picture, and tries to make everyone happy. For instance, this morning when I was handing out Creamsicles for breakfast (Whatever! I have three children with fevers. They want Creamsicles, they can have them!), both Bethie and Katie wanted pink ones. I had one left. Bethie said, "Give Katie the pink one. I'll be happy with whatever colour you give me.". How is it possible that she can be soooo sweet and soooo considerate at only four years old?!

Yes, quite right, she does take after me!

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