Friday, July 9

The Star

My great-grandmother had a little cottage somewhere in England. Very obscure place. A place where you could go to be alone. To get lost in the gardens. To slip away from the real world.

My grandmother came across a painting of her mother's cottage in a shop in London. It was painted by a Canadian! Of course, she bought it and brought it back to Canada with her. I have always loved this painting. It always made me feel good. Like there was a place in the world where everything was right. When my grandmother died, I got that painting and hung it on my living room wall.

Ta da!

This morning, I was lying on the couch (being practically crippled by my asthma...nice weather we're having, eh?!). I was feeling very sorry for myself. I looked at my painting and thought, "I wish I was there!". And then something caught my attention. Something was different in the painting. Upon closer examination, I saw a STAR!

I guess one of the twins thought the painting, although quite good, needed a little "je ne sais quoi". She must have searched high and low for a sticker because I have banned them from the house. The little girl climbed up on a chair and voila! The painting was now complete! Just great.

I'm going to guess it was Katie. You better believe that I will ask her when she gets home!

PS I asked the girls who put the star on the painting. Katie fessed up. She said that the star makes the painting "look better". See! I know my babies!

PPS Katie didn't get in trouble. No harm done.

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Mum said...

Grandma would have loved it! Bless Katie! It’s just the kind of thing that Grandma would have done!
Just a little background - My Grandmother's cottage is in the Wye valley very close to Wales. The Wye river runs through the valley and a lot of coal mining used to take place there. The village is called Symonds Yat (or Simon's Gate) It is near Ross-on-Wye. Grandma bought the cottage (in the 1940's)which belonged to a coal miner originally I believe. Before she had it an artist had rented the place and had painted this picture. Grandma found the picture in the window of an art gallery in London as she was passing many years after she had bought the cottage. She gave it to my mother who left it to you!