Sunday, August 15

The Boss

Saturday evening, I went to bed right after dinner because I had a really bad headache. My plan was to lie down for an hour, and then get up and help Dan put the children to bed. Dan decided to let me sleep instead.

After a while, the girls noticed that I wasn't around. Bethie asked Dan if I had gone out. Dan replied that I was sick and had gone to bed. This confused Bethie. I was physically in the house, but obviously, I was too sick to take care of the children.

Bethie pondered this for a moment and then asked Dan, "Are you the boss now?". Dan replied that he was. Bethie followed up with, "Then can we stay up late tonight?". Dan, giddy with power, delighted the girls by allowing them to stay up for an additional hour.

Lesson learned? I need to share my "power" with Dan. He is very capable, and the children need to start seeing him as an authority figure. I shall do this be going out a minimum of three evenings a week. Alone. Sans enfant. Dan and the girls may be upset at first. Dan will most definately grumble. But I will do this for my family. Dan will (surely) thank me for this later!

P.S. Kidding! First of all, Dan is quite pleased with the status quo. I am the Enforcer and he is the Hero. Secondly, Dan gets a wee bit panicky everytime I go out. Three nights a week alone with the kids would kill him.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Dan lost his title as BOSS when he abused this power and let the children stay up an extra hour! You must retain the title and powers of the BOSS and only delegate certain powers as required ... all other rules MUST be adhered to when in an acting position!

Gwen said...

I keep a very close eye on all those who live in my house. No worries. However, I was pleased to be able to sleep off my headache instead of hauling my sorry self out of bed. Sometimes, that's better than constantly having to the Enforcer.