Wednesday, August 11

Hard Work

Today, I kept the children home from daycare because the twins had to have their eyes checked. After the examination, the doctor was quite pleased with himself. This was slightly irritating. What did he do, besides come up with the right prescription? Dan and I are the ones who have to constantly clean the glasses, find the glasses, and bend the glasses back into shape. If it weren't for us, the twins would still have googly eyes. The doctor should be telling us what a fantastic job we have done! In the end, all I cared about was that the twins didn't need new glasses and, therefore, I wouldn't have to spend an extra $400 today!

After the appointment, we went to Dad's office. The twins wanted to hand-deliver to Dad an invitation to their birthday party. We had fun, Dad had fun, and the entire office seem to have fun. My children just love being the center of attention, and everyone at Dad's office is more than happy to dote on them!

Later in the afternoon, Bethie and I were sitting around chatting. She wanted to know what Dad did at his office, other than spinning 'round and 'round in his chair all day, only breaking to look at pictures of my daughters. I explained to Bethie that Zaida (Dad) is a lawyer. This evolved into a very in-depth conversation about laws and lawyers and judges and the legal system as a whole. She kept asking so many good questions. The conversation was exhausting!

I was in the middle of explaining to Bethie that Zaida stands in court and argues on behalf of his clients when Bethie interrupted me. She said, "What I really want to know is how does Santa get back up the chimney?".

Where did this come from? At what point did I lose her?

I, being an Authority of All Things, explained to Bethie how Santa got back up the chimney. We then discussed all the things that Santa has to do on Christmas Eve. She said, "That's too much work for me. I don't think I am going to grow up to be Santa". Connecting the dots, I gave her a squeeze and said that she could be whatever she would like to be when she grows up. She could be a lawyer, she could be Santa, or she could be something else altogether. It was up to her. Bethie said, "I think I'll be a nun". I said, "Nuns do a lot of work, too". She replied, "Oh. I'll have to do something else then!". I laughed. My 4 year old child is already looking for a cushy job where she doesn't have to work too hard.

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