Wednesday, August 18

Our Peter Pan

Sarah loves Peter Pan. If we are not watching the movie, we are reading the book. Sometimes, we have to act out the scenes. Sarah will run up to either me or Dan, give us a sword, and demand a sword fight. She always gets to be Peter Pan. We are stuck being Captain Hook, the pirates, or the Lost Boys.

She also is quite fond of the scene where Wendy sews Peter Pan's shadow back on.

Like Peter Pan, Sarah often loses her shadow, and demands that one of us sew it back on. Dan and I humour her because she is our child. Katie and Bethie humour her because...well... Sarah doesn't give them much choice.

Sometimes, she reciprocates.

And this cracks me up.


Lisa said...

I absolutely adore this child!!

Gwen said...

Thank you! She's her own girl, isn't she?!

Grannie said...

She looks to me like she ought to be Tinkerbell. Tink could be quite demanding and certainly had a firm point of view! Sarah strikes me as a match. Also ..because she's so tiny!

Gwen said...

She does love Tinker Bell, too! If Tink had a sword, she'd be perfect. As you know, we have to watch a heck of a lot of Tinker Bell here too. She has her Tinker Bell bed, and she asked for a Tinker Bell doll for the twins birthday (yeah, I bought it!).