Friday, August 6

Wisdom for Bethie

The children and I were in my little red car driving home. The twins were in the back having a discussion about what new colours are created when colours are mixed together. I had a headache and didn't feel like participating in the conversation. When I was asked, "Mummy, what colour do you get when you mix yellow with purple?", I responded with, "I don't know. Ask your father.".

Out of the blue, Bethie asked me, "Who was the woman that had no Mummy?". I explained to her that everybody had a Mummy. She insisted on knowing who was the very first person on Earth. After some questioning, I realised that she was asking me about Adam and Eve. I paused. I could either explain evolution or creationism. I decided that creationism would involve fewer questions about things that I did not want to explain to my young children.

I gave Bethie a very general description of Eve and talked about her home in Eden. Bethie was enthralled with Eden. She asked me if there were any bad animals there. I said, "Funny you should ask! There was a snake. He tried to get Eve to take a bite of his magical apple.". The girls gasped. The only magical apple they knew of was the one that was offered to Snow White, and that apple had some pretty nasty side-effects. I reassured the twins that the snake's apple was not poisonous. In fact, if Eve took a bite she would become really, really smart.

Bethie was sold! She wanted to eat that apple. She told me that if a snake ever offered her an apple, she would definitely eat it! I told her to calm down. I explained that Snow White's wicked step-mother could disguise herself as a snake and offer her a poisonous apple instead of one that would make her smart. I reassured my daughter that I can tell which apples are poisonous and which ones make people smart. Ask me before eating apples given to you by animals! Bethie seemed pleased with this conversation, and we moved on to an enthralling debate about whether the windows in the back should be up or down.

Time passes, and I forget about the conversation. Bethie did not. One day, we went to Mum's house. Bethie ran up to Mum and said, "Granny! Do you have a big, shiny apple I can eat? You know, one that will make me smart like the snake has!".

So, the hunt is on because the twins start school for the very first time on August 30th. Bethie has a checklist: new shoes, new headband, new crayons, and an apple that will make her super duper smart!

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