Tuesday, August 10

Kites and Rainbows

Sunday morning, Dan woke up and suggested to the three children that they should all paint pictures. This surprised me, especially because he had spent a good deal of time on Saturday making the house spotless. I left him "in charge", and went to have a shower. After my shower, I came downstairs and was shocked. There was paint on the floor, on the table, on the walls, on the doors, on the counter, and on the cabinets. I then walked into the washroom and saw paint on the toilet, on the sink, on the mirror, on the floor, and on the walls. I looked at the children. There was paint on the faces, on their bodies, in their hair, and even under their clothes. Did the paint explode? Nope, the more accurate explanation is that the girls sent their father into a tailspin. He has not mastered the fine art of Confine and Conquer.

The paintings were, however, magnificent. I was so pleased! All three of them would look lovely on my kitchen wall. My excitement was squashed when Bethie announced that she was "so sorry" (really, she wasn't!) but the paintings were going to be used as kites. I was hugely disappointed.

Later that day, Dan tied a string to Bethie's "kite" and she stood in the backyard waiting for the wind to pick up her kite and dance it around the sky. Instead, the kite lay lifeless on the ground. Bethie was mad. This was not how she had envisioned it. I suggested that she run around holding the kite above her head. After giving it a go, she realised that this was less than ideal.

She came up to me and said, "Did you know that God has a little sister? Her name is Little God. Little God bought a new dress. It looks like a rainbow. After the rain, she puts on her new dress and that's how rainbows come". Wow. Weird! Where did that come from?!

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