Tuesday, December 21


December is killing me.

Katie has an ear infection, on top of everything else. She seems to have turned a corner...again. Last time I said that, I was wrong. Kinda afraid to even think that she might be getting better...

Bethie won a Principal Award at school because she "always tries her very best". Lovely moment for her. I went to the assembly and discreetly took some pictures. She was very relieved. Apparently, I embarrass her. Payback sucks, my little girl!

Sarah doesn't want Santa to come to our house. She's kinda afraid of him. She has agreed that he can give Katie and Bethie presents, but doesn't want any for herself. On a related note, all my shopping for Sarah is done!

Dan is relieved that his passport has  finally arrived. He's going on a trip in about three weeks, and he has been waiting not-so-patiently for his passport to turn up. He was really starting to stress about it. He even filled out a form online to request information about where his passport could be...and that's when I told him that I hid it, about a month ago. Why? Because Dan plays games with my mind for laughs, and this was payback (and I'm really bored and things like this entertain me!).

The 25 Days of Christmas has been whittled down to 24. There was nothing special last night. The children didn't notice. And I have started doing things over and over again, like "Have A Christmassy Dessert". Because that's the type of mother I am...

I have 8 child-free hours left until Christmas. I'm off to create some magic...

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