Friday, December 31

A New Year...

Sarah is sick. Dan is wicked sick. I had asked Dan to stay home from work today, and go to the doctor's instead. He said that he couldn't possibly do so. Work would fall to pieces without him there. I rolled my eyes and sent Mr. Important off to work.

By dinner time, Dan realised that he was quite sick. Although I had bought him some over-the-counter meds, he said "What I would really like is some honey...". Ahhh! It was 5pm. On New Year's Eve. I had to hurry!!!

I quickly ordered a pizza. From a new place (because our regular pizza place was closed). I decided to pick up the pizza because I could go to the grocery store first and then get the pizza.

I jumped in my car and raced to the grocery store. 5:05pm. The grocery store was closed. CRAP! I raced to the only other grocery store in my small community. Yup, it was closed, too. I gave up on the honey, and headed to the pizza place.

I walked into the pizza place and gave my name. They looked at me blankly. I gave my phone number, and they said that there was no order for me. They asked me if I had ordered the pizza from them. Duh. Of course I had! This was "2 for 1 Pizza"...right? Nope, the guy replied, this was "Pizza la Difference". To which I replied, "It says 2 for 1 Pizza on the window". The guy practically rolled his eyes at me and said "That's our deal. Did you order from 1 For 1 Pizza?". CRAP! Not only had I gone to the wrong pizza place, but I had ordered my pizza from the stupidest pizza place ever! How can 1 For 1 Pizza be a good deal?! Who came up with that name?

I asked for directions to 1 For 1 Pizza. The guy waved across the street and said "It's next to the pharmacy". How lucky! I could pop into the pharmacy (please, God, let it be open!) and see if they have any honey for Dan.

I drove to the pharmacy and looked around. No 1 For 1 Pizza. Oh well, I will go in and ask the cashier.

I couldn't find any honey so I asked a sales associate. She said "The honey is over here". YAY! "But we seem to be sold out of honey". CRAP!

While I was at the pharmacy, I bought another $20 worth of cough drops, sprays, and Neo Citron for my husband. Because I love him. And it sucks being sick. At the cash, I asked where the 1 For 1 Pizza is located. The cashier said "Next to the pharmacy".

"Ummmm..." I replied "We're in the pharmacy".

"No, no. The big pharmacy. Down the road". The "big" pharmacy? I have lived in this tiny community for four years. Yes, I admit, I try not to mix with the locals. But there are two pharmacies here? And I have been going to the small one for all these years. CRAP!

Back in the car, it occurred to me that I could go into the "big pharmacy" and see if they had any honey. I drove there. The pharmacy was closed. I have to admit, so far, I'm not super impressed with the "big pharmacy".

I got the pizza and went home. I broke the news to Dan about the honey, and showed him all the new meds I got for him. He said I shouldn't have. Perfect. I went out of my way to make his life better and this annoyed him. Whatever. He's sick and cranky. I will let it slide...

After dinner, Dan wanted me to spray some of the new stuff in his throat. He opened his mouth, I had a look, and I said "You have strep throat". He said "How do you know?". I replied "I can see it". He said "No worries, I can call the clinic and they can call the antibiotics in to the pharmacy". Right. On New Year's Eve. After everything has closed. His next shot at seeing a doctor is not for two days. CRAP CRAP CRAP!

Turns out that I horde prescription medicine. I like to have penicillin, Percocet, and morphine on hand. I'm funny like that. Anyway, I cracked open my secret stash, and offered him up some antibiotics...on the condition that he goes to the clinic on Sunday and pays me back!

Dan was annoyed that I had antibiotics (despite it coming in handy, I might add!). I told him that I had been saving them and, in fact, was going to start taking them tonight. He asked what was wrong with me. I replied "I have had a raging ear infection for four days. It feels like someone is pushing a dull knife in and out of my right ear. My left ear is completely blocked. I haven't been able to hear anything in that ear for about 36 hours. I have an infection in my sinuses and my throat is starting to hurt. And, I have a tooth ache."

Dan was shocked. He asked "Why haven't you said anything?!". I had said something, but no one listened. What more could I do? He said "But you've been rushing about, taking care of the kids, and doing all sorts of fun things with them". Yup. Life continues, even when I feel awful. Shocking.

So, I threw the kids in bed, and sent Dan to bed shortly thereafter. I sat on the couch and thought of my grandmother. She once said to me "Begin the New Year in the same manner you wish for it to continue"...or words to that effect.

Sigh. I am beginning the New Year with three smelly kids (I was too sick to bathe them tonight...I'll do it in the morning). Dan is sick. Sarah is sick. I suspect that Katie is getting sick too. I'm watching TV alone. Happy New Year. Please may it not continue like this!

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