Wednesday, December 22

When The 2 Year Old Is "In Charge"

Some people get carried away when they decorate their home with Christmas lights and decorations. I do not. In fact, if I didn't have children, I probably wouldn't put lights up at all. But I do have children, so every year I send Dan up the ladder to put the lights up.

This year, I decided that I would like to "fancy" the house up a bit for Christmas. The children had this in mind:

I thought that this would be a bit much for me. However, an inflatable decoration would be quite nice, and the children would love it.

This caused some tension between me and Dan. He was quite adamant that any decorations should be facing the road. I argued that the decorations should be facing the I could enjoy them from the comfort of my living room. Besides, who doesn't want a 12' Santa peaking in their window (other than Dan)???

The debate was all for nought. Mum bought us a inflatable Mickey Mouse holding an ornament. Sarah fell in love, and insists that it remains... in the kitchen!!!

Dan is not thrilled, but I am amused...and, really, that's all that matters!


Stead Family said...

We really are kindred spirits Gwen! We also have an inflatable Mickey...but he is in a train....and on our front lawn...facing the STREET of all places. I am such a horrible mother.

Bibliomama said...

Our neighbours across the street have wooden carollers nailed to their tree facing their house. When you walk by you see wooden carollers' asses. It's not a good look. Stick with the kitchen.

Gwen said...

Cara: You are a wonderful mother. I would give my eye teeth to be as sweet and as dedicated as you.

Bibliomama: LOL! I have spared my neighbours from the sight of Mickey Mouse's arse. How considerate of me! But my neighbours don't expect much of me...I am a bit "eccentric"!

Lara said...

I think the kitchen sounds like the perfect spot :)