Wednesday, October 6

Favourite Part

Every evening during dinner, I ask everyone "What was your favourite part of the day?". Each person gets a chance to answer. We've been doing this for years, and we all love this tradition.

On Sunday, we went to the Papanack Zoo to celebrate Tyler's birthday. Near the end of the party, each child got a chance to feed the animals. The twins chose to drop their feed into the rabbit pen.



Sarah was a little more brave. She, with help from Mum, fed the goats.

That was about 3pm on Sunday. Every five minutes since then, Sarah has said, "My favourite part?". I have to say, "What was your favourite part?". She replies, "Give animals crackers. They lick my hand!". Every five minutes. I'm supposed to act surprised and delighted. My enthusiasm has waned. Significantly. However, the "updates" continue!

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