Sunday, October 10

Prima Ballerinas

I let the twins play outside...alone. We live on a quiet street, with very little traffic. The girls aren't "up to no good". They usually just pretend they are princesses and dance about. And I get a little break.

Katie and Bethie had been outside for a while before they came bursting in the front door shouting, "Come and watch our performance!". I dropped what I was doing, and went outside to watch my little ballerinas sing and dance.

I took the camera.

Although the show was wonderful, I must confess, I was distracted. What could possibly distract me from their angelic voices and gracefully dancing?


Bethie and Katie had raced around my gardens picking almost all my marigolds so they could "fancy up" their "stage". AHHH!

The best bit was this:

These were the flowers that I was meant to toss at the twins after their performance. They had thought of everything!

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