Tuesday, October 19

The Halloween Ball

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a beautiful princess named Katherine. Katherine loved to look pretty. Every day she would pick out a lovely dress , wear her "high heels", and put on her tiara. Every day, Katherine would hope and pray that she was invited to a ball so she could dance the night away.

But no invitation ever came.

Princess Katherine gave up on her elusive prince and decided that she would host a ball rather than wait for an invitation. She made her own invitations and decorations. She even came up with a theme: Halloween.

But Princess Katherine had no mask to wear to her Halloween ball. She looked high and low but found nothing suitable. She panicked. She couldn't go to the Ball without a mask! What would she do?

Princess Katherine had an idea, and it was a good one! She found an ordinary pen. Standing alone in front of the bathroom mirror, Princess Katherine got to work. At last, she was ready!

Princess Katherine presented herself before the masses. There was a great gasp amongst the peasant folks. She knew that she had created the "perfect" mask. And now, her prince would surely come!

The wicked queen was enraged! She shouted at Princess Katherine, wondering out loud what would possess the young princess to colour all over her face. But Princess Katherine ignored the raging Queen. Because Princess Katherine just knew that her handsome prince would take one look at her face and fall madly and wildly in love. Nothing, not even the crazy ramblings of the old queen, could diminish the pride felt by Princess Katherine.

Sigh. This is a true story.


Bibliomama said...

Well what's a maskless princess to do? This is funny, because my daughter came bouncing out of her portable yesterday with yellow highlighter dotted down the middle of her face. According to her it was all Braden's fault, but who knows?

Gwen said...

That COULD be true...when I was a teenager, a friend pinned me down and wrote "TAXI" on my forehead (I guess I was mouthy back then, too). I completely forgot about it, and ended up at a Xmas party at City Hall. It wasn't until I got home that I remembered...!