Wednesday, October 27

The Pumpkin

I know you've been waiting, holding your breath, wondering if Katie or Bethie won a painted pumpkin in the raffle. Well, the wait is over!

The kinder teacher drew five names. After the fourth name, Bethie started praying, "God, please let me or Katie win a pumpkin. PLEASE, GOD!". We all know that Bethie has a direct line to God's ear (freakishly so!). Like always, her pray was answered! The fifth name chosen was Katie's!

The twins were thrilled! Upon arriving home from school, they demanded that I rush to the school and pick up their pumpkin. I refused. This sounded, to me at least, like a job for their father!

This morning, Dan went to the school to pick up the pumpkin. He arrived home with it, and I rushed to see this wonderful spectacle. I was sure that it would be spectacular! Full of colour! Awe inspiring! A reflection of the collective artistic abilities of 23 five year olds!

Instead, this is what I saw:

Blah. Some purple paint slapped on to a pumpkin. Where's the "fancy" in that?

At least it matches my front door...


Double the Giggles said...

Ha! Love it! Guess that's what happens when so many little hands mix so many different colors together!

Gwen said...

I was sooooo disappointed! But the girls were so proud. Thankfully, the paint came off with the (gasp) snow and it looked much better!