Thursday, October 7

The View From My Home

The other day, I was washing dishes and feeling rather sorry for myself. The day had gone miserably, and it was no where near over, and no one seemed to understand me.

I glanced out my kitchen window and saw this:

I ignored the weeds (hence their existence in the first place!) and focused on the brilliance of the yellow marigolds and the complementary purple asters. I was "wowed". I thought, for sure, that these asters weren't going to make it. They had looked so pitiful during the summer, that my only hope was that they would survive. I had no expectation that they would bloom. But they did. And I was thrilled.

Today, I was walking past my front window and saw this:

Sarah is the little one at the end of this "train". My heart soared. Emilie had taken the children for a walk or to the park, and now they were coming home. And all I could think of was that I have the best views from my house!

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