Monday, October 18

The Grocery List

I went to the grocery store yesterday. Actually, I went to four grocery stores, but that is a whole different story. Anyway, before I left to do the shop, I asked Dan if there was anything he wanted. Dan started naming a bunch of things. I asked him to make a list.

Dan gave it some thought, and then sat down and wrote the grocery list. Because he loves me. Because he wanted to help.

Dan handed me the list. I read it, put it down, and went to get the camera.

Dan asked, "Why are you getting the camera? Are you going to put my grocery list on your blog?".



This was his list:

First, we'll ignore the spelling mistakes. Really, Apple should come out with an app for that. Or Microsoft should create a pen that has a preemptive spell check. Until then, we must suffer through spelling mistakes because we all make them!

Second, Dan wrote down 10 items before he even thought of what the children would need. And what would our offspring need? "School snacks". What did you have in mind, Danny? Anything in particular or shall I just "wing it"?

Did you read the next column?

Here's a close-up:

Dan, while thinking about what we need for the week, thought "Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner" and then wrote that down. You half expect him to write "x7". He didn't. I guess he thought that would occur to me without him having to write it down. Unlike "Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner." The half-wit he married needs specific instructions. Not specific like "chicken, pork, beef". He doesn't want to insult me. But more specific than "Food".

Sigh. One of us is an idiot. And he thinks it's me...


Anonymous said...

Very Funny spin on things, I laughed and laughed. You have a career in forgery lol.

Gwen said...

You are my muse, my Love! Best bit? It's all non-fiction!!!!

Bibliomama said...

You're so ungrateful. Why not just be glad that he didn't leave out a meal? You would have been in the grocery store going "okay, I've got cereal and taco stuff. That's it, right?". My husband is the world's worst speller. He spells upon with an a and among with a u.

Gwen said...

LOL...the man cracks me up. I'm afraid to know what he REALLY thinks of me. Soon, I will do a post about how he thought that I went outside, knocked over the garbage cans, and threw garbage all over the property! I took photos, too!