Monday, June 7

A Claritin Clear Moment

Bethie and Sarah played alone together upstairs. They seemed to be getting along, and being relatively good. After a while, both of them started screaming. They had jumped into the crib, and both claimed that they could not get out without my help.

Eventually, I made my way upstairs to help the girls out of the crib. I wasn't even on the top step before I saw what they had done. They had taken a massive box of Q-Tips and thrown them in every room upstairs. I flipped! As I hauled each child out of the crib, I explained in great detail who was going to have to clean up this mess. The list of cleaners did not include moi!

Bethie ran to Katie. She told Katie that she had made a mess and deperately hoped that Katie wouldn't be mad at her. Katie wasn't angry. Then Bethie asked, "Will you help me clean up?". Katie replied, "Sorry. I'm allergic to that!". No worries. I gave her a Claritin and sent her on her way.

Alone in the kitchen, I realised that I had made a terrible mistake. The Claritin was "non-drowsy"!

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