Sunday, June 6

She Loves Me NOT

I love my kids. All of them. Collectively. Individually. I love my kids.

I have tried so hard, for almost five years, to make time each day for each of my children. I have one-on-one time with each of them, just a moment that is all about us. I have made a point to tell each of my girls, every day of their lives, that I am soooo glad that they belong to me. I was quite confident that my children felt loved by me. How could they not?

Well, let me tell you! I was putting Bethie to bed the other night. Katie had already fallen asleep, so Bethie and I were having a "Secret Visit". I lay in her bed with her, and we whispered, and giggled, and cuddled. Suddenly, Bethie became very sad. I was shocked. Hadn't I provided yet another wonderful, action-packed day? Hadn't I done backflips to ensure that she was amused from the moment she woke up until the moment her eyes would close? Hadn't I littered the day with desserts? After all of the work I put into the day, I deserved a happy child.

I asked Bethie why she was so sad. My first born baby looked at me, with tears in her pretty blue eyes, and said, "I'm sad that you love Katie more than you love me!". I was shocked! Why on Earth would Bethie feel that way? When questioned, she refered to her "proof". Finally, she had some concrete evidence that she has been wronged! Here it is: Katie weighs four pounds more than Bethie.

Obviously, I have been sneaking treats to Katie. Bethie can't see any other reason why there would be a such a significant difference in their weights. I reassured Bethie that I do not give one twin more treats than another. I don't know if it's physically possible for them to consume more treats than they already do without having some sort of diabetic shock. I also came up with a couple of reasons that would explain the difference in weight. Together, Bethie and I agreed that if she ate more chicken and went to bed earlier, she would catch up to Katie's weight in no time!

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