Monday, June 21

Hip Hop Twins

Yesterday was Katie and Bethie's last Hip Hop dancing class. The students put on a performance for the last 10 minutes of their class. Dan, Sarah, Mum, and I were very excited to watch the twins. But I have to admit, I was the most excited.

Before the parents were permitted into the room, I told Dan that he was to videotape the performance with one camera while I snapped stills with the other. Dan was slightly annoyed. He thought that he would simply "enjoy" the dancing, and not have to view it through the lens of a camera. Ummm...has he met me? Of course he has to video tape the dancing twins! When he protested, I reminded him that he saw all of  Europe through the lens of a camera. Surely he could record his children for all to enjoy later!

The parents were ushered into the room. All the children were already in position on the dance floor and were ready to go. Candace, the peppy Hip Hop instructor explained to us what was going to happen. The children would do their performance twice, allowing for parents to get all the photos they wanted. At this point Dan whispered, "I'll videotape the first dance, but then I will watch the second.". Fine! Candace then said that there would be "freeze dance" because the children loved it so much. The performance would end with the children getting stickers on their hands.

Before Candace could start the music, Katie said, "Excuse me, Candace! Sarah would really like a sticker, too" Candace said that Sarah could have a sticker after the class. Dan and I smiled at each other. Isn't it sweet that Katie thought of Baby Sarah?

The dancing began. To see Dan's video (of the first dance only!) click here. Between performances, Katie reminded Candace that Sarah, too, would like a sticker. Again, Candace said that Sarah could have one after the class.

The second performance was equally sweet. Both Dan and I frantically snapped photographs. Unfortunately, the quality of our snaps suffered. But not the quantity!

After the second performance, Katie asked Candace again if Sarah could have a sticker. This time, Candace didn't have to respond. Dan and I were already begging Katie to be quiet. She was distracted by the Freeze Dance.

The Freeze Dance cracked me up. Most of the children ran around the room in circles. Not my babies! They danced up front and center. Every time the music stopped, Katie clasped her forehead because she had forgotten to Hip Hop dance! No worries, I got video of this, too. Click right here to see it!

Now it was time to hand out the stickers. You guess it! Katie mentioned again that Sarah would like one, too. All the children sat in a circle around Candace. Katie called Sarah over, and made Sarah sit next to her. Katie was the last child to be called up to get a sticker. She made sure that Sarah came up with her. And Sarah got her sticker. Sarah was delighted!

After the class, Katie gave Candace a High Five and then (very strangely) shook her hand. Sarah was right behind Katie. She, too, gave Candace a High Five and shook her hand. Dan, Mum, and I just laughed.

On the way to the car, Mum pointed out that Dan and I were the only parents who had yelled at their children during the performance (because Katie was obsessed with Sarah getting a sticker).  This happens to us quite a bit. I have four words for you: the church Christmas pageant. Our "angels" are exactly easy to keep quiet! Enough said.

Anyway, to see some of the snaps we took, check out my online album.

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