Saturday, June 26

The Group Shot

Today, I tried to get a photograph with all three of my girls looking cute. We lined them up in front of the fountain at the Governor General's house and asked them to smile nicely. At first, I said, "Say Cheese" and all the other usual things parents say to their children in order to get their attention. By the end, Mum, Dan, and I were reduced to yelling at and pleading with the children, hoping just to get one usable shot. It seems, the children are immune to my frustration.

At first glance, I thought "Here are 10 crappy pictures". When put together, I think "This is the story of us!".


And now you know why most of my pictures are only of one child at a time!


Lara said...

Oh dear, you're saying my photos are still going to look like this next year? ;)

Gwen said...

Yeah, sucks, eh? Especially for us who have been so into photos for the past 16 years or so! You kinda have to let go of perfection.