Thursday, June 24

Our Musical Ride

About 10 years ago, I wanted to go and see the Musical Ride (I probably haven't see it in 25 years). I wanted to see the show, but mostly, I wanted to see the Queen. She was in town and was going to be there. To make it more exciting, the Air Force was going to fly some WWII bombers overhead! I was desperate to go! And not a soul would go with me. Instead, I watch the show on TV, and then the bombers were good enough to buzz my apartment (seriously!) on their way to the airport. I never gave it anymore thought.

Until... I read about the RCMP Musical Ride Sunset Ceremonies on a blog called Kids In The Capital. This blog suggests all sorts of things that Ottawa parents can do with their children. The Musical Ride seemed perfect. The best bit? Those that I wanted to go with me lack the authority to say "no" (and have that opinion respected!).

Last night, despite the threat of thunder showers, Dan and I packed up the children and headed to the RCMP stables. We were able to park close by. Close enough to walk. Good thing, because I forgot the stroller. As we walked to the show, older ladies and teenage girls would approach my children because they looked "so cute!". When the twins were born, I became a superstar. Everyone would approach me. It was nice at first, but I became annoyed because it took me twice as long to do my errands because we got stopped so frequently. Now, almost five years later, I expect it. You wouldn't believe how angry I get when no one points out how cute they look, or how polite/sweet they are. Anyway, the elderly never disappoint. I was pleased.

I would love to show you a picture of my children standing next to the RCMP mascot (a bear or something dressed in the Mountie uniform), but they refused. Mascots scare the twins and we have to actively avoid them. Dan try pleading with Katie to give the mascot a quick cuddle so I could have my picture. She said, "We didn't come to see the 'wild', we can to see the horses!". She walked away.

We positioned ourselves at the front of the audience. Again, my children confused "sitting up front" with "being the performers". All three danced about and entertained the masses for the 30 minutes until the Musical Ride started. Dan also got each girl the biggest lemonade that I have ever seen!

Katie and Bethie

Ready and waiting!

Sarah watching that "naughty horse" very carefully

It started to rain a bit. The three children are under the blanket. That lasted about a minute until they decided that they would rather be wet than to have to endure being under a blanket with the other two!

Checking out the horses after the show. That RCMP rider told my children that they have lovely dresses and were super cute. I confess, she was my favourite rider!

The three girls were exhausted and begging to go home. Everyone was so sweet, and so happy to be together. I wondered what had happened to my family! When we got in the car, Katie said, "Thank you, Mummy, for taking us to the Musical Ride. We had a lot of fun!". Bethie said, "Thank you for taking us, Daddy, we really appreciate it". Katie said, "Why are you repeating me?". Bethie said, "Why are you repeating me?". The magic never lasts, does it?


Zaida said...

Nice blog - great pictures

Gwen said...

We had an excellent time!