Monday, June 14

My Discovery

I'm always trying to think of new things to do with the children. Things that won't exhaust me, and that will keep the kids entertained. I wanted to buy driveway paint, but that was super expensive. I decided to make my own (and it cost about $2). Ta da:

Bethie, Sarah, and Cory

Sarah and Katie



I know, I know. The girls are still in their PJs. That was intentional (sort of). I wanted to see if the colours would stain their clothing. It didn't.

After the driveway painting, I had a brilliant idea!


The tricky part was cleaning the inside of the van. Although the "big kids" wanted to vacuum, they lacked skill and thoroughness. No worries, I found the perfect person to assist me. Andre. He's on paternity leave, and I have taken it upon myself to fill his days.

Since my realization that Andre would benefit from my "direction", he has chopped down (and discarded) a tree for me, weeded my yard, and dealt with a hornets nest. I still need my lattice put up, my screen door fixed, my lawn cut, and my shed cleaned. Sorry, Andre, but Dan is only one man, and after 13 years of hearing "Later", I have set my eyes on a new target: you.

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