Sunday, June 27

Little Bears Had a Lovely Time

Two years ago, Mum said that we should go to the Teddy Bears' Picnic. She said that the CHEO doctors would re-stuff Bethie's bear. It was a good idea, but we never went. As time passed, Bethie's bear slowly deflated until it was practically flat. This year, Dan and I decided that it was time to go to the Teddy Bears' Picnic and get poor Pink Bear inflated.

The picnic was held yesterday. We packed the kids up and were out the door by 9am (impressive, eh?!). We parked at the Aviation Museum (where we met Mum) and took the OC Transpo shuttle to the Governor General's residence where the picnic was held. All the girls loved the bus, but Sarah was the most impressed. She has a thing for buses.

It rained for the first little bit we were at the picnic. That did not slow us down (which reminds me, Lisa, may I have my umbrella back?). The girls watched the Highland dancers. They love Highland dancers. Then we went on the Merry-Go-Round. A photographer took our pictures and promised that they will be online soon. The girls hugged a huge bear, and watched the "magic" of a boisterous clown. Then we ushered the girls to the highlight: the B.A.S.H. tent.

The Bear Ambulatory Surgical Hospital was somethin' else. First, the twins' bears had to be triaged. The "nurse" asked the for the bears names. The twins proudly shouted out the names: Pink Bear, Blue Bear, and Brown Bear (guess what colour they are. Hint: we aren't the most creative family.). Then the nurses asked Katie and Bethie to what was wrong with their bears. The twins became upset. Apparently, there's not a damned thing wrong with their bears! How very boring of them. First of all, Pink Bear is as flat as a pancake. Secondly, I've seen other bears at the picnic with casts. Wouldn't that be fun?! Nope, our bears were just going to get a "check-up".

Turns out that the girls bears are soooo healthy that the "doctors" weren't allowed to give the bears the check-up. The girls only released the death-grip that they had on their bears when they were permitted to examine their own bears. Somehow, Dr. Megan was able to charm Pink Bear away from Bethie. By the end of our check-up, Pink Bear was nice and fat again. Thank you, Dr. Megan!

We then proceeded to the Dental Unit. Mouth stickers were put on each bear, and the "dentist" helped the girls to count their bears teeth. Then the girls, Sarah included despite having only a smelly blankie and no bear, were given a toothbrush.

We then headed back to the free rides. We had another go on the Merry-Go-Round, and then Mum, Dan and the children went on the Berry-Go-Round (Quirky "Me Fact": I do not "go 'round").

At this point, we realised that we had been at the picnic far longer than I had anticipated. The girls needed to eat. Mum to the rescue! She got ice creams for the girls, and Dan, too. Everybody was happy.

We went to check out the petting zoo. Despite being shy at first, Sarah ended up feeding the animals. Everything went sooooo well. However, when Sarah looks at the pictures I took at the petting zoo, she swears that an animal bit her. It didn't.

We took the Giant Tiger Train to the Governor General's residence. The girls danced in both the Ballroom and the Tent Room. Very cute. Again, they stole the show!

By now, the children were crawling and we were all starving. It was 2pm before we got back to our car. We all went to McDonald's to get a quick bite to eat. Bethie lay motionless on the booth bench. By the time we got home an hour later, Bethie had a fever. Poor thing. Dan and I joke about "Operation: Knock 'Em Out". But the Teddy Bears' Picnic turned into "Operation: Damn Near Kill 'Em".

If you're interested, you can check out the photos on my online album.


Lara said...

I wanted to go this year but didn't brave the rain. Good for you guys- sounds great and hopefully we'll definitely make it next year! :)

Gwen said...

Dan and I wouldn't have "braved the rain" either, but we are not in charge - they are!