Saturday, June 19

Labour of Love

Emilie and I spent four hours (each!) decorating cupcakes for Sam's pirate themed birthday party. Here are the results:

Our "boy" pirates - most have stubble

Our "girl" pirates - they have "hair"

A close-up of a "boy" pirate

I made a cupcake with a 4 because Sam is turning 4. Clever, eh?

My favourite.

Dan said no one would want this cupcake because it looked like the poison warning label, and because the bones lacked little nobbies at the ends. Betcha he's wrong!

We finished at 11pm Friday night. Saturday morning, Andre (Emilie's husband) came over to borrow the Bouncy Thing for the party. I asked him if he liked our cupcakes. He said, "They're nice, but really the children would prefer a McCain Deep 'n' Delicious cake with some candles stuck in it. And it wouldn't have taken 8 labour hours to do it.".

I was less than impressed with Andre for not appreciating the love that went into the cupcakes. I was confident that the children would see this pirates and know that Emilie must love and adore Sam. They would be super jealous and wish that they had such a wonderful mother!

Fast forward until after the party. I asked the twins about the cupcakes (remember, the parents were banned from the party. Yahoo!). They said that they were "good". Come on, Kiddies! I need more than that! I asked them if they liked the pirates noses. Bethie said that the pirates didn't have noses. Ummm...yes they did. I personally made sure every pirate had a nose. I asked if they were happy pirates. Katie said she couldn't tell because they didn't have mouths. Wrong again! I made those tiny, delicate mouths and shaped them into happy faces. Very tedious work, I might add!

The twins could tell that I was disappointed that they didn't appreciate the pirates more. In an attempt to please me, Katie said that she liked the pirates eyes. I asked, "The eyes or the eye patches?". They looked at me blankly.

A request was later made for me to make the twins Tinkerbell cupcakes for their birthday. Not bloody likely. I'm buying McCain Deep 'n' Delicious cakes!


Lara said...

I think they look great! :) But I want to know if you made a boat?

Gwen said...

No boat. Emilie didn't want one.