Monday, March 23

A Cherry With A Stick

Bethie needed to have "cherry ice cream". We bought her vanilla ice cream and put a cherry on it. NO! We bought cherry ice cream. NO! She demanded to have "cherry ice cream with a stick". I was stumped. Until she was watching Toopy and Binou and saw a cartoon ice cream sundae and frantically pointed it out to me. That was my "aha" moment.

I spent Saturday morning on the Internet trying to find a restaurant that would serve a sundae with a cherry with a stick. I ended up calling Perkins and speaking to the 17 year old male "chef".

Me: "I saw a picture on the Internet of sundaes at Perkins. The cherries have stems. Is that just the ad or can I really get a cherry with a stem?"
Teen: "Huh?"
Me: "It's terribly important to me that I have a cherry with a stem on an ice cream. Do you have cherries with stems?"
Teen: "We have them with or without stems" (what variety offered by Perkins!)
Me: "If I came today, could I get a cherry with a stem?"
Teen: (not sensing the importance of this moment) "Yeah".

Triumphant! Bethie and her "cherry ice cream"!

Katie got one, too!

Bethie was kind enough to share her ice cream with Granny.

Katie didn't share with anyone!

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