Tuesday, March 17

It's Nice To Have A Twin

I think it must be great having a twin. Someone who "gets" you. Someone who knows your history. Someone who will share their chocolate with you. Recently, I discovered another benefit of having a twin.

For the last seven days and nights atleast one of my children has had the stomach flu. Bethie got hit the other night. Just after I put the twins to bed, Katie shouted downstairs "Mummy! Daddy! Bethie is throwing up!". I ran. As I came upstairs I saw Bethie throwing up into the toilet (bless her!) while Katie was gently rubbing her back and saying "It's okay, Sweetie". Awww. Then Katie looked at me, fearing she was in trouble for getting out of bed, and said "I couldn't let Bethie throw up all by herself". Isn't she sweet?!


Lisa D said...

Makes me wish both my kids were a set of twins!

Gwen said...

Twins are great...after the first year.